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Project Overview

Purmo’24 is an exciting project developed by WebService for Purmo Group, in relation to the UEFA Euro 2024 Soccer Championships taking place in Germany in June 2024.

The website is a game betting web application that allows Purmo Group’s customers and partners to join the game and enjoy the excitement during the actual Euro 2024 tournament.

Users can set up an account and place bets on each game’s score. These bets are then compared to the real game scores, which drives points collection and adds to the excitement. The highest-ranked users receive valuable prizes at the end of the challenge.

One notable aspect of this project is the speed at which we designed and developed the application. The client contacted us just two weeks before the event, and we designed and created the website from scratch within a single week. A week before Euro 2024 began, the website was ready and already collecting user bets in the Polish and Romanian markets. This single week was also enough to build three local variants of the app, including Polish, Romanian, and Global English versions.

All this was made possible by utilizing the most modern and exciting technologies.

The website was designed in Figma, built with Webflow CMS, and coded using Wized and Xano platforms. User memberships are managed with the Memberstack infrastructure. This combination of tools allowed us to reduce the time, effort, and costs required by the client, while still delivering a top-quality, multi-market, user data-driven web application, without sacrificing quality compared to fully custom builds we have mastered over many years.

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