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The Purmo Calculator app is a user-friendly and practical tool created for on-site radiator installers. It's perfect for those who need a quick and straightforward way to find the right radiator from a vast range of options. By inputting a few simple details, the app calculates the heating area that a specific radiator can cover, ensuring your customers enjoy a comfortable environment.

This app is all about ease of use. It's designed to work on a single screen, requiring just a few taps, so installers can focus on their work without the hassle of complex settings.

The app's design is not only easy to navigate but also aligns with the Purmo Group's online product brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent and professional look and feel. Even better, you can use this app offline, and the parameters are regularly updated from the brand's product information management (PIM) system. This keeps the app accurate and in sync with all the latest products, making it a reliable companion for radiator installers.

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