VW Leasing

VWFS Poland
2018 - 2021

Project Overview

VW Leasing stands as a distinctive website, meticulously crafted within the overarching VW Blue Label layout framework, although diverging significantly in terms of its content and tool offerings when compared to the VW Financial Services website.

Our journey with VW Leasing was a comprehensive one, beginning with the meticulous planning and execution of UX & UI design, ensuring a seamless user experience while adhering to the aesthetic guidelines of the VW Blue Label Scheme. The design layout, a harmonious blend of form and function, was meticulously tailored to match the scheme's standards.

At the core of this project was WebService's commitment to develop the entire information architecture and create dynamic, user-friendly tools. The result was a website that not only met the VW Blue Label design standards but also delivered on the promise of a user-centric and feature-rich platform.

Our involvement extended further into the technical realm with complete website development. To ensure a seamless and robust experience for users, we seamlessly integrated Adobe Experience CMS into the framework. The website's journey didn't end with development; our commitment continued with publication and daily management, ensuring that VW Leasing remained a dynamic and up-to-date online resource.

In essence, VW Leasing represents the epitome of collaboration between WebService and VWFS, where aesthetics, functionality, and user experience converged to create a website that stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Our ongoing management and support underscore our dedication to maintaining the high standards set during the website's development.

In 2022 the VW Leasing website has been incorporated into the VWFS Home portal website and has been discontinued as a separate online entity of the VWFS web portfolio.

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